Riverside Cafe

A lovely ‘design for print‘ collaboration with Riverside Cafe in Skibbereen, West Cork. The print design Skibbereen project included a creative graphic design for business cards, posters and leaflets for both summer and Christmas time.

I used as an inspiration their yummy delicious cakes savoured in their beautiful window corner on the right as you go inside the restaurant. I recreated it in Illustrator and sketched it with the Paint tool on graphic tablet. I was thinking that I can do a little icon with the whole building so I used the Shapes and the Pen Tool in Illustrator. Loved the outcome and the fact that you have a complete illustration of both the inside and the outside of the Riverside Cafe and Restaurant.

I chose white and turquoise for the main colour palette with flowy shapes to render the river impression and oranges for pop ups.

Looking back at the magic of that day for both myself and my friend Breeda, as inspiration bounced and flowed all around us. Coming down from David Seager’s ceramic exhibition in Uillinn Arts Center. Chatting our elated impressions, Breeda was making up lyrics on the way. We ended up meeting friends in the Cafe with everybody adding another line to her song. Have a listen to the musical result of that day and enjoy delightful musical expriences at breedamurphy.com!

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A food truck logo design for Brotherly Grub

The Ryan brothers bought a food truck to bring to life their dream of serving healthy, tasty, locally-sourced food, with seaweed and plants foraged from the local bays and West Cork area. A very fun project for which I created the food truck logo and designing a concept for the van itself.    

I drew the logo in a brushed heart shape to represent the ‘Hearty Grub Served with Love’ ethos and the warm feelings shared with every tray of food. The food truck logo design was vectorised and finished in Illustrator. As for the colour and the design direction of the van, I ran different colour options of the van through Photoshop in order to get a better perspective of the final result.