Leap Scarecrow Festival

A wicked web and graphic design collaboration with the community from Leap Village. I joined Leap Scarecrow Festival in 2016 making scarecrows and installations with a bunch of friends. The madness of creation gave shape to a full “Pandora box” from which we pulled out dragons, a time witch, spiders and  giant purple octopuses taking over food trucks. The charm went on and we made the leap from crafting to web and graphic design requested by the honoured Leap Scarecrow Festival Committee.

A poster and road sign design in Illustrator for the Leap Scarecrow Festival, followed next year by a WordPress website design dedicated both to the community of Leap and to the Leap Scarecrow Festival. The strategy being set that while the festival’s season is off, visitors of Leap can still find what the village has to offer all year round and where they can stay. Moreover, the local people would find who are the local artists, producers and services that they can connect with.

I designed the logo of Leap Village to be represented by a blooming fucshia flower, the delicate symbol of West Cork: “All along the roadways of the south-west of Ireland, on slender arching stalks the beautiful Fuchsia flowers colour the hedgerows from July to October with their rich hues.” www.wildflowersofireland.net. I also chose a squiggly typography hued in sap green representing the abundant vegetation of West Cork.

I tweaked the basic WordPress theme in PHP, CSS and HTML to render two different looks for the village and for the festival, playing with the colour palette and graphic design elements. As a result, the website portrays differently both Leap‘s history, heritage and venues and a thorough timeline of the festival’s editions from 2015 to present, with graphic headers, animations, schedules, image galleries, winner listings and stories, know hows, Irish halloween customs and local ghost stories.

The image archive was done with the help of people from Leap, trying to reconstruct the timeline as much as possible.

Thanking all for a unique, witchcrafted experience.

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