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“To create one’s own world takes courage.”
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Digital Fox builds creative responsive website design on a WordPress platform that render perfect on any device, may it be desktop, tablet or mobile. It has an easy content management system which means that you can log in and easily add or edit content on a user friendly interface displayed in the back.

I will describe down further the usual steps to take in building a website. These steps are not all compulsory, depending on your business needs. However, it is a general set of working rules and advice for your business to build a healthy online presence and growth in browsing searches.


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Responsive website setup
and all-media ready

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How this works

Step 1

Buying a domain name and a space to host your files

Ireland’s Domain Registry (IEDR) has some easy steps on how to acquire your Irish domain and hosting through some certified partners.

I used to buy my domain as .com from GoDaddy or Bluehost. GoDaddy proves to be unreliable, after taking money from my account on their upgrades and they are also big SOPA/PIPA fans. Obviously, I have an Irish business and my target is the Irish public. Therefore, I choose to buy my domain and hosting according to IEDR rules. For this, I go with Hosting Ireland and the Lite package that costs me 80 euros. So far, so good. IEDR offers you a full list of registrars from where you can pick whatever you like.

Usually, my clients ask me to do this step, and I always help them. Nevertheless, you still need to prove some Irish identification in order to buy the domain.

Step 2

Let’s meet and talk!

In order to proceed to your website setup, Digital Fox needs:

  • a sitemap or what pages you have in mind: “About”, “Services”, “Contact”, etc.
  • your business branding. Ideally, every business that needs a website, has already an established brand-book with representative visuals, graphics, typography, and voice set as guidelines. As not all new businesses have this and to be able to continue, we can first talk about setting the logo and the color scheme of your website. With this in mind, I recommend you to have a look at the Graphic Design page.
  • the purpose of your website: presentation or retail
  • the audience and target
  • the competition
  • what functionalities should be displayed
  • how to form your content texts.

website setup and design meeting quote collaboration west cork ireland digital fox

Step 3

Making and releasing the website

Having your requests and guideline in mind, Digital Fox can start the website setup on a Wordpress platform. This offers you an easy to use content management system, which means that once the website is ready, you can easily log in and modify texts, images, add posts and pages by yourself.

Additionally, you may consider other functionalities as the contact form, contact map, schedule, image slider, portfolio, gallery, testimonials, team and more.

Given that, in a couple of days, I’ll send you the demo link and see how your website is taking to its online life.

responsive website setup wordpress desktop mobile tablet west cork ireland digital fox

Step 4


Once you have your website up and running, you have to make sure that your content texts, titles and image descriptions are all set correctly for a good search in browsers.  Moreover, the search engine optimization tool should be set in place in order to complete the page titles, page descriptions, content texts, image descriptions, keywords. However, many of these features are hidden in the code or the HTML of your website and visible only to search engine crawlers. If these are set correctly, it will increase your ranking and credibility in browsers.

website seo search engine optimization west cork ireland

Step 5

social media page SEtup

Setting up pages on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, helps a lot in increasing your audience and targeting your products. Usually, it is an important step as these websites have a highly increased ranking in search engines and they easily connect and distribute the right audience towards you.

social media page setup west cork ireland

Step 6

Campaigns and spread the word

All is done. You have your website, it is looking amazing on social pages too, it starts to come up in searches. Nevertheless, you need to spread the word and let people know that your business is around and make sure that whoever needs your services can easily get on to you. You can do this by:

  • make use of your social pages and start online campaigns;
  • make a business card to have it handy when you meet new crowds that show interest in your services;
  • display some posters in the local shops;
  • spread some leaflets around;

These are some of the few things that you can easily do to promote your website. Finally, I strongly recommend using recycled paper for all the printing materials, even if there is a little bit extra, it is good to promote your business with a good ethics.

online marketing campaigns google facebook instagram west cork ireland

Website Design Price Package

All website design plans displayed below are built on a WordPress platform that is responsive on all devices (desktop, tablet, mobile) and offers an easy content management system in order to add/edit content.

  • Master Page Website
    • A Master-Page Website setup is a simple, clean solution to display all your content onto one, scrolling page. The page will display different sections representing your business description, services, mini portfolio, testimonials, contact. The system includes anchor menus to navigate through sections with a parallax dynamic effect. Portfolio examples:
  • Multi Page Website
    5 days
    • A Multi Page Website is the perfect online solution to present the details of your business. You can have multiple web pages to display your info, forms, multimedia content with galleries, forms, embeded video, files and podcasts. The pages that any business starts from are Home, About, Services, Portfolio, Contact. Portfolio examples:
  • eCommerce Website
    14 days
    • This is the plan to have everything you need to set up your online store and sell online your products or services.  The main functionalities being online card payment and my account options. The eCommerce Website plan starts from 1290€ for simple donation website design and increase with added online shop functionalities as cart, checkout, security plugins, backup.
    • Ecommerce website example:
  • Website Addons
    each addon
    • On-Page SEO Addon
      A feature that you can add to any chosen website plan. On-page SEO makes sure that your webpage has the right meta tags, optimized keywords, texts, images and videos for a successful browser index and online searches.

      Logo Design Addon
      A custom made graphic element representing your brand.

      Booking Addon
      Add an online reservation feature to your services that has the calendar option.
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