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Master Page Website Design

Price: 390 €

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A Master Page Website Design is a simple solution to display all your content onto one, scrolling page. This minimal website style is a straightforward way to present yourself, your art or your business in a single page. In this way, you focus the people’s attention on your story and reduce the amount of unnecessary clicks.

Ideal for portfolio display or a small business presentation

Easy to implement and maintain making it affordable

An intuitive journey with a linear navigation flow

Master Page Website Design is great for responsive mobile websites, the scrolling is naturally scalling from big screens to mobiles and tablets

Enjoy increased conversions of users as they process the content faster


You can also add search engine optimisation and
graphic design features at discounted prices:

Website Addons Price
On Page SEO 100€
Logo Design 100€


You can watch below two examples of Master Page Website system set up for a small business and for an artist’s portfolio.

Triona O’Sullivan is an accupuncturist and massage therapist practising in Cork. She opted for the Master Page Website Design to display the story of her practice, short descriptions of accupuncture and massage, a gallery showcasing her cabinet and a hands-on massage therapy session, testimonials from happy clients and contact details with map.

Breeda is a talented musical artist from West Cork, singer and songwriter. Breeda chose a single website page to display her highlighted songs. The songs are primarly published on Youtube and then embeded in a series of sequential sections, presenting the song, lyrics and credits.

Tell me about your project: 087 454 2145 | Write me at:


The Master Page Website will display your content on different customized sections. You can present yourself in one section, followed by one section that presents your services, another may include a mini portfolio, one presenting testimonials, and a last one with contact and map.

The navigation system on single page websites is done either by jumping from one section to another, users click navigation links that allow them jump to destinations on the page, or scroll down the page to reach different sections of content.

The flow of the navigation is given through parralax effects that ease the scroll speed in between different parts of the website.

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