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Sometimes I feel so blessed. Every time I set up a new website, I get to learn new things, new ideas and meet lovely people. Triona O’Sullivan is an exceptional acupuncturist and massage therapist, having her cabinet set in Kinsale, Cork. She needed to set up a website with a control management system and responsive to all media. Checked, checked, checked!

She also didn’t want a classic website with “a click on that and go view the info in another page”, she wanted a system to display everything on one page only with sections revealing as you scroll down. A handy side little menu accompanies the scrolling. The website’s sections included info about her practice, services, photo gallery, contact details, and testimonials. Each section needed to echo the branding visual of the dragon as a symbol of the Chinese medicinal practice, and displaying the contact details.

At the end of our collaboration, we happily launched this baby weby:

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