I met Gaia for a coffee in Skibbereen to chat about her new website. An instant connection was laid in between. Loved her vibe and her questions regarding different social aspects that I could have never put into words so clearly. Gaia is a pure wordswoman with a lyrical flair and a brave heart and she wanted a space where she could retreat and stream her ideas and inspirations. The inspiration for the logo design was her beloved bag. A real attachment to this beautifully made bag that hid her treasures and writings.

I felt that the design of the website should be in a flowing style with no boxes or boundaries and let her pieces of writing loose and warm. Selected blue tone to represent the stream of consciousness, pink for gracefulness and black as a strong base.

In her About page I edited Gaia’s representative photo in Photoshop, using Image Adjustments and Filters such as Brush Strokes on her garment to maintain the same graphic style. I took photos of the different strips of textile used in the make of the bag to feature them as images for different blog posts in case photos are missing and also to keep up with the customised graphic design.

I just loved working with Gaia and I felt so blessed meeting her and helping in designing her online presence as a writer and artist.

You can read and enjoy Gaia’s writing at thewritingbag.com

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