Presentation design

“Gazing at beautiful things acts on my soul.”

Special design stands for presentation / video / animation / social page design needed to create strong unifing content.

Presentation design is a powerful communication tool that highlights a particular product or service used in academic or business settings for conferences or internal display. With creative graphics skills, Digital Fox is taking your text and transforms it into a powerful visual piece in PowerPoint or Prezi.

Video design and animation design are done in After Effects, Flash or Photoshop Gifs, defining intros, edits, character animations, and dynamic contents.

Social media design covering the overall diversity of social media covers and profiles aka Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, and all the needed social roll out there.

Prezi Presentations

Bring your ideas to life and make you a great presenter at any event or training course. Here you can view a sample of Prezi Presentatios designed for several projects in West Cork.

The first example is an art presentation design created for the college of Arts, Crafts and Designs, where an artist of choice is presented. The Hundertwasser Prezi presentation was intended to immerse the viewer into the artist’s “5 skins”. It includes various media as dynamic texts, photos and Youtube emmbeded videos.

The second example uses the Prezi open canvas to organize and view a BusinessIQ presentation for Cashflow management. From After Effects an animated logo was added as intro and an audio free sample from Bensound Stock Music. The finished video was converted, compressed and optimized in Adobe Enconder for web and mobile formats.

PowerPoint Presentations

Structure your topic for business meetings, training and educational projects with slide-by-slide PowerPoint presentations.

The MESA practice PowerPoint presentation on the right is a psychology slideshow presented by Catherine Dunne at a Johnson & Johnson’s training workshop for employees. Each step is visually described through custom illustrations sketched in Illustrator. The woman character was specially sketched to perform the emotions and the psychological stages.

Gif Animations

Animated GIFs are a quick-and-easy way to present dynamic content, especially in Web pages. Some website projects need animation to tell a story or to engage the viewer.

Digital Fox uses animations for the main pages to visualize faster and make a technical subject lighter to comprehend. I used animations in the Leap Scarecrow Festival in introduction of each year’s winner in order to move from static to synamic, act a role, keep the reader’s attention and open his imagination.

Character Design

A character puts a face to your projects, it mimics the expectations and reveals the intentions. It is a non-verbal communication. I designed the characters in Illustrator after initial sketching them by hand. BusinessIQ needed a character to act as a tutor and walk people through the business development steps.  Digital Fox chose a friendly fox as a character to represent its branding and to make it easy for people to relate with.  Catherine Dunne needed a character to present the stages of stress and the possibility of blocking the source of it and recovery.

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