Florista Website Design and logo design on an affordable budget

florista website design and logo design clonakilty west cork

Designing a WordPress website for Florista based in Clonakilty was a pleasure. I love flowers and all the imagery for the Florista website design were a delight to work on.

Nicola Stack is the creative flower artist behind Florista. Her passion pushed beyond a hobby into a floristry local business addressed mainly to West Cork weddings and special events.As any other business, Nicola needed for her flower arrangements an online presence with a branding design that would ‘represent beautiful, unique and natural inspired floristry, a relaxed style using beautiful and luxury flowers to showcase to clients’. 

Following her brief, I designed a flowery logo that would embrace the name, arching from top to the right. For the logo design’s typography I used Cormorant, the elegant type family developed by Christian Thalman and available in the Google Fonts library.

Moving on to the website design I used the WordPress platform that Nicola can easily manage, add and edit content. Soft pale colours such a light sage for the backgrounds together with powder pink touches make a relaxed scroll. The website’s homepage opens with a hero image of one of Nicola’s gorgeous flower arrangements. The website continues with descriptions of her flower services in West Cork and a floristry portfolio. Scrolling down the readers can find a contact form where they can get in touch with Nicola. The homepage finishes with a series of testimonials from her happy clients.

Both the Florista website design and logo design were done on a budget, displaying the needed functionalities and generating the graphics in the price of 800€.

Breeda Murphy

August finished in music, friends reunions and an album launch in Connoly’s of Leap. Breeda – singer, songwriter, musical artist, music facilitator and above all friend launhed her first album and released an amazing video for “A Place in You”. Subscribe to her YouTube channel as more videos are coming soon created by video designer Olivia Walsh.

The graphic design collaboration went on a creative path, getting ready for the concert with a poster design and a Facebook cover design for the event. And my favourite work, the CD cover design for the album.

All this was integrated in Breeda’s website, which we developed and designed last year as a Master Website Design Page.

Harpist Ireland

harpist ireland website design for artists Clonakilty, West Cork

This summer opened in the rhythms of breezy harp music. Carys Ann Evans is a harpist for over 30 years based in Clonakilty, West Cork, performing at Wedding Ceremonies, Corporate Events, Private Functions and Cruise Ships. Carys needed a website redesign and a website transfer from her UK hosting to an Irish hosting service. Trust me, it was so pleasing to build website while listening to harp.

The former website was developed on HTML with no possibility of self adding or editing content. The artist’s new website required redesign on a WordPress platform with an easy system to manage her own content and to be responsive on all devices, especially on smartphones. Carys was thoughtful in integrating all the multimedia content for anybody interested in adding harp music to their weddings and events to easily find, view and listen to her music samples. The website structured the content as to display weddings and events through photo galleries, harp music reviews through testimonial carousels, harp music samples in a “Look & Listen” portfolio with an embedded YouTube video playlist, an embedded Soundcloud audio album for Harp and a custom music album with songs that play directly on homepage. 

As for branding, I designed a logo inspired from one of her album photos taken by photographer Kate Bean. I sketched Carys pad & pencil playing harp, trying to get the flow of the harp and hands movement. Than I brought the sketch in Illustrator to vectorize it and added a typography style that has the pattern of the strings with elongated letters and curvaceous rhythm.

The logo was integrated in the website both coloured and negative output, and in a roll up design and flyer design printed at Inspire in Skibbereen.

You can view Carys’s new harpist website design & setup and listen to her harp music portfolio here. If you need a website design, you can visit the price packages here.


Business IQ

Business IQ is the reason Digital Fox started its journey as a small business as website design, print and presentation design. And in this project the Fox threw them all aces in.

Shortly, Business IQ is a limited company based in Skibbereen, West Cork, that delivers empowering and impactful business training to help you start and grow your business. Among its clients, there are Local Enterprise Office, Enterprise Ireland and Cork County Council.

The partners from Business IQ needed a strong representative brand, starting from the logo and intial graphic symbols they had. In order to strenghten the brand and make it friendly, I sketched up in Illustrator a character that “shows the user’s way” through Business IQ’s services.

The brief contained a new website design with an ecommerce engine to sell their manuals and a user account for their trainers to log in and view their course materials.

The brief also included, PowerPoint and Prezi presentations for their tenders.

Moreover, the project included video & animation design for training small businesses in the “know hows” of setting up a new businesses and how to carry on with it in different stages of development.

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Leap Scarecrow Festival

A wicked web and graphic design collaboration with the community from Leap Village. I joined Leap Scarecrow Festival in 2016 making scarecrows and installations with a bunch of friends. The madness of creation gave shape to a full “Pandora box” from which we pulled out dragons, a time witch, spiders and  giant purple octopuses taking over food trucks. The charm went on and we made the leap from crafting to web and graphic design requested by the honoured Leap Scarecrow Festival Committee.

A poster and road sign design in Illustrator for the Leap Scarecrow Festival, followed next year by a WordPress website design dedicated both to the community of Leap and to the Leap Scarecrow Festival. The strategy being set that while the festival’s season is off, visitors of Leap can still find what the village has to offer all year round and where they can stay. Moreover, the local people would find who are the local artists, producers and services that they can connect with.

I designed the logo of Leap Village to be represented by a blooming fucshia flower, the delicate symbol of West Cork: “All along the roadways of the south-west of Ireland, on slender arching stalks the beautiful Fuchsia flowers colour the hedgerows from July to October with their rich hues.” I also chose a squiggly typography hued in sap green representing the abundant vegetation of West Cork.

I tweaked the basic WordPress theme in PHP, CSS and HTML to render two different looks for the village and for the festival, playing with the colour palette and graphic design elements. As a result, the website portrays differently both Leap‘s history, heritage and venues and a thorough timeline of the festival’s editions from 2015 to present, with graphic headers, animations, schedules, image galleries, winner listings and stories, know hows, Irish halloween customs and local ghost stories.

The image archive was done with the help of people from Leap, trying to reconstruct the timeline as much as possible.

Thanking all for a unique, witchcrafted experience.

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Riverside Cafe

A lovely ‘design for print‘ collaboration with Riverside Cafe in Skibbereen, West Cork. The print design Skibbereen project included a creative graphic design for business cards, posters and leaflets for both summer and Christmas time.

I used as an inspiration their yummy delicious cakes savoured in their beautiful window corner on the right as you go inside the restaurant. I recreated it in Illustrator and sketched it with the Paint tool on graphic tablet. I was thinking that I can do a little icon with the whole building so I used the Shapes and the Pen Tool in Illustrator. Loved the outcome and the fact that you have a complete illustration of both the inside and the outside of the Riverside Cafe and Restaurant.

I chose white and turquoise for the main colour palette with flowy shapes to render the river impression and oranges for pop ups.

Looking back at the magic of that day for both myself and my friend Breeda, as inspiration bounced and flowed all around us. Coming down from David Seager’s ceramic exhibition in Uillinn Arts Center. Chatting our elated impressions, Breeda was making up lyrics on the way. We ended up meeting friends in the Cafe with everybody adding another line to her song. Have a listen to the musical result of that day and enjoy delightful musical expriences at!

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Magpie Gems

What a beautiful surprise to collaborate with a sister national. One Sunday I get this call from Mallow and as I was listening to her voice, I couldn’t understand what she was saying, expecting English, I was baffled to listen and lavish in my own Romanian language.

Lavinia is an amazing jewelry crafter, playing with silver sterling and Swarovski crystals, and, as a result, her products are purely outstanding and sparkling. She created the brand so pretty called Magpie Gems and as it goes: one is for the color, two for the joy, three for a girl, four for a boy, five for silver, six for gold, seven gems always to hold, eight for a wish, 9 for a kiss, 10 for a jewelry you must not miss. That’s truly sweet.

For her Magpie Gems business, Lavinia needed a strong branding and graphic design for print: logo, packaging design, business card, thank you card, tags, flyer, poster, and invoice design.

In the meantime, you can check her masterpieces here.

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Triona O’Sullivan

Every time I have a new web design project, I get to meet new people, learn different approaches and launch these dreams online for others to meet and share. Triona O’Sullivan is an exceptional acupuncturist and massage therapist, having her cabinet set in Kinsale, Cork. She needed to set up a website with a control management system and responsive on all devices. Checked, checked, checked!

She also didn’t want a classic website with “a click on that and go view the info in another page”, she wanted a system to display everything on one page with sections revealing as you scroll down. Triona chose the A Master Page Website Plan with content split in a sequence of visual branded sections. A handy side little menu accompanies the scrolling, jumping from one segment to another. The website’s divisons included info about her practice, services, photo gallery, contact details, and testimonials. Each section needed to echo the branding visual of the dragon as a symbol of the Chinese medicinal practice, and displaying the contact details.

At the end of our collaboration, we happily launched this baby weby:

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Cork Nutrition and Wellness

web graphic design cork

Met Elaine in a cute coffee shop in Cork and as she was telling her dream, I was thinking what a fabulous project to work for. She told me how she wanted to work for the health benefit of people, how to coach them to reach a greater state of wellbeing with a holistic approach to wellness, what would be the four pillars of a good health, and as she was counting them, I was thinking: “Uh, I’m bad at that! Really need help at that! What about cakes and cookie?”. But her motivational energy and great looks proved that I can go that way too.

For her Cork Nutrition and Wellness programme, Elaine needed a branding, a website, and an introductory video. We joined forces and established a really good looking visual for her business, designing the logo in such a way to express the four pillars of a good health: 1. Eat Well, 2. Move More, 3. Sleep Essentials, 4. Stress Management. Each pillar had its own graphic, representing the action. After the logo, color scheme and voice was set, I finished also the business card and then proceeded to set up the website. This was done on a reliable WordPress platform with the content management system and responsiveness on all media, connecting it to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google + and Youtube. I’ve also set up the search engine optimization functionality and set it up in Google Business. I really loved the end result, the looks are invigorating and motivational.

Elaine also called a cool videographer for her introductory video to be displayed on Youtube. And I finished up the looks in After Effects setting a video front and back design.

You can view the project here

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A food truck logo design for Brotherly Grub

The Ryan brothers bought a food truck to bring to life their dream of serving healthy, tasty, locally-sourced food, with seaweed and plants foraged from the local bays and West Cork area. A very fun project for which I created the food truck logo and designing a concept for the van itself.    

I drew the logo in a brushed heart shape to represent the ‘Hearty Grub Served with Love’ ethos and the warm feelings shared with every tray of food. The food truck logo design was vectorised and finished in Illustrator. As for the colour and the design direction of the van, I ran different colour options of the van through Photoshop in order to get a better perspective of the final result.