The Writing Bag

I met Gaia for a coffee in Skibbereen to chat about her new website. An instant connection was laid in between. Loved her vibe and her questions regarding different social aspects that I could have never put into words so clearly. Gaia is a pure wordswoman with a lyrical flair and a brave heart and she wanted a space where she could retreat and stream her ideas and inspirations. The inspiration for the logo design was her beloved bag. A real attachment to this beautifully made bag that hid her treasures and writings.

I felt that the design of the website should be in a flowing style with no boxes or boundaries and let her pieces of writing loose and warm. Selected blue tone to represent the stream of consciousness, pink for gracefulness and black as a strong base.

In her About page I edited Gaia’s representative photo in Photoshop, using Image Adjustments and Filters such as Brush Strokes on her garment to maintain the same graphic style. I took photos of the different strips of textile used in the make of the bag to feature them as images for different blog posts in case photos are missing and also to keep up with the customised graphic design.

I just loved working with Gaia and I felt so blessed meeting her and helping in designing her online presence as a writer and artist.

You can read and enjoy Gaia’s writing at

Harpist Ireland

harpist ireland website design for artists Clonakilty, West Cork

This summer opened in the rhythms of breezy harp music. Carys Ann Evans is a harpist for over 30 years based in Clonakilty, West Cork, performing at Wedding Ceremonies, Corporate Events, Private Functions and Cruise Ships. Carys needed a website redesign and a website transfer from her UK hosting to an Irish hosting service. Trust me, it was so pleasing to build website while listening to harp.

The former website was developed on HTML with no possibility of self adding or editing content. The artist’s new website required redesign on a WordPress platform with an easy system to manage her own content and to be responsive on all devices, especially on smartphones. Carys was thoughtful in integrating all the multimedia content for anybody interested in adding harp music to their weddings and events to easily find, view and listen to her music samples. The website structured the content as to display weddings and events through photo galleries, harp music reviews through testimonial carousels, harp music samples in a “Look & Listen” portfolio with an embedded YouTube video playlist, an embedded Soundcloud audio album for Harp and a custom music album with songs that play directly on homepage. 

As for branding, I designed a logo inspired from one of her album photos taken by photographer Kate Bean. I sketched Carys pad & pencil playing harp, trying to get the flow of the harp and hands movement. Than I brought the sketch in Illustrator to vectorize it and added a typography style that has the pattern of the strings with elongated letters and curvaceous rhythm.

The logo was integrated in the website both coloured and negative output, and in a roll up design and flyer design printed at Inspire in Skibbereen.

You can view Carys’s new harpist website design & setup and listen to her harp music portfolio here. If you need a website design, you can visit the price packages here.


Business IQ

Business IQ is the reason Digital Fox started its journey as a small business as website design, print and presentation design. And in this project the Fox threw them all aces in.

Shortly, Business IQ is a limited company based in Skibbereen, West Cork, that delivers empowering and impactful business training to help you start and grow your business. Among its clients, there are Local Enterprise Office, Enterprise Ireland and Cork County Council.

The partners from Business IQ needed a strong representative brand, starting from the logo and intial graphic symbols they had. In order to strenghten the brand and make it friendly, I sketched up in Illustrator a character that “shows the user’s way” through Business IQ’s services.

The brief contained a new website design with an ecommerce engine to sell their manuals and a user account for their trainers to log in and view their course materials.

The brief also included, PowerPoint and Prezi presentations for their tenders.

Moreover, the project included video & animation design for training small businesses in the “know hows” of setting up a new businesses and how to carry on with it in different stages of development.

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